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NFT School Program

NorthBourne’s Fit & Trim School Kids Program (NFT):
A big part of our valued customer base include a variety of public and private school systems. At NorthBourne Foods one of our missions is to supply all of our customers, especially our youngest consumers, with the healthiest products possible. Here at NorthBourne Foods we provide nutritious meal options to students in anUntitled effort to focus on improving childhood nutrition and reducing childhood obesity. At NorthBourne Foods we fully support a variety of childhood obesity campaigns. We encourage good eating habits early in life by providing children with foods rich in nutrients, lean meats and dietary fiber which assist in keeping kids healthy. The U.S. government has placed a high amount of attention on foods containing whole grains and dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is also found in fruits, vegetables, dry beans and peas. In addition, NorthBourne Foods fully


supports exercise and nutrition initiatives for K-12 students such as Let’s Move!

NorthBourne Foods is a family owned and operated business and we value our children, the children of our employees, and the health and welfare of children all over the world. Therefore we fully support organizations with missions and initiatives focused on improving the life of children and their families.

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