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NorthBourne Foods takes great pride on our mouth watering selection of fine restaurant food products including beef, chicken, pork, lamb, produce, natural seasonings, and sauces. fruit and meat on forks


We provide our customers with a complete line of meat and poultry products. Our products include: CHICKEN, TURKEY, CORNISH HEN, DUCKLING, BEEF, PORK, LAMB, VEAL, and GOAT PRODUCTS.

It doesn’t stop at meats and poultry, we also have a world class line of produce which include an array of fresh fruits and vegetables.


We hold all of our products to the highest standards with QUALITY being first on the list.  We know that your customers come back to your business time-after-time because they like and trust your food and service. We believe in following that standard when servicing your restaurant or other food business. You expect the finest products possible.


Are you a new restaurant? If so, our team can help your team come up with menu ideas to encourage new business.


If you are an established business and need a little excitement added to your menu, we can definitely assist you with original menu ideas. With a wide range of center of the plate items including CHICKEN, TURKEY, CORNISH HEN, DUCKLING, BEEF, PORK, LAMB, VEAL, GOAT or VEGETARIAN meal options. Call our friendly customer service department TODAY, we have solutions for you !

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