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NorthBourne Foods strongly believe in providing our customers with quality products and in an effort to stay in line with our overall commitment for quality food products, we  stock a healthy line of poultry products which include  CHICKEN, TURKEY, CORNISH HEN, and DUCKLING. We also offer low sodium and lemon chickenskinless options on most of our poultry items.

NorthBourne Foods has an outstanding line of Poultry which includes the following products:

Chicken Products: Whole Chicken, Chicken Breast, Chicken Thighs, Leg Quarters,  and Chicken Wings



We also offer a variety of options for our chicken products which include: Fresh and Frozen Options, Skinless, Marinated and Non-Marinated, Low Sodium,

You want great chicken fajitas for your restaurant or food business, it starts with great products from NorthBourne Foods.

We carry a large variety of chicken wings including fresh and frozen, whole, 1st and/or 2nd cuts, jumbo, medium, and small sizes available. We can also provide seasoned chicken wings upon request.

raw chicken wings

Some of the other Chicken alternatives that we offer include Chicken Tenderloins, Drumsticks, Gizzards, and Chicken Liver.

Our Turkey products include whole turkeys, smoke turkey options, breast, drumsticks,and ground turkey meat

We currently offer CORNISH HEN AND DUCKLING whole.

Quality Products, Fair Prices, and Excellent Service (QFE). “We want to be your food supplier and earn your business!”

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