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Food Safety at NorthBourne Foods – Job #1 refer trucks

At NorthBourne Foods, food safety is a priority. Alongside with quality food products, it’s an aspect of our business we take very seriously. In fact, food safety is one of the most important issues and is listed in the NorthBourne Core Ideas (NCI) — it’s the Food Safety and Tracking Assurance Program. We fully train, initially test, conduct training seminars, and administer periodically test to personnel to assure that appropriate procedures are being utilized to prevent internal and external safety policies. NorthBourne Foods is also demanding to its food producers, in an effort to assure that only the highest quality products come into and leave our facility. We also have measures in place to trace food to its origin, whether it is a farm, ranch, supplier, or processor.  All products must meet the stringent standards imposed by the industry, and we have rigorous internal procedures to guarantee standards and traceability at every stage in the production process. NorthBourne’s Health and Safety procedures are put in place as part of our customer satisfaction policy.

Protecting the health and safety of our customers a top priority.

Food Safety and Tracking Assurance Program

·         Tracking Procedures
·         Recall Policy
·         Return Policy
·         Internal and External Inspections
·         Assuring Proper temperatures in Coolers, Freezers, and during Delivery
·         On Going Food Safety Training
·         Continuous Improvement of current food safety and tracking policies

Please feel free to contact our Safety Department via email with any questions, concerns, or issues at  Here at NorthBourne Foods we take safety concerns very serious and therefore will immediately respond to any food safety emails or calls.

NorthBourne’s Core Ideas (NCI)

Our core business concept is simple, we focus on satisfying the people we serve, our customers. We are a people-oriented business and we maintain a customer service team of reps who thoroughly understand your business, and we look forward to helping our customers to achieve their goals. Our extensive knowledge in providing quality food, providing excellent service, and our focus in the NorthBourne’s Core Ideas (NCI), a 6-point ideology, which gives us, our contractors, and our customers and their customers a competitive edge in supplying safe products, a solid recall process, and competitive pricing.

NorthBourne’s Core Ideas (NCI):

  • Specialized Customer Service Account Managers who put our customers first
  • Customer Inventory and Marketing Assistance Dedicated inventory, auditing, and purchasing assistance to our small and large customers Individualized Marketing Solutions to boost our customer’s sales
  • Accurate Orders Effective communication with client and tracking service to maintain quality and improve the ordering process
  • Timely Delivery Concepts and Customer Service Motivated Drivers
  • Accurate Invoicing Solutions·Customer Rewards ProgramEthical Purchasing Practices·Our Buyers will focus on quality, healthy products
  • Food Safety and Tracking Assurance Program

Our philosophy is clear and to the point – Quality Products, FairPrices, and Excellent Service (QFE).

Please feel free to call our Safety Department to find out more about our safety measures or to report and concerns. We welcome your comments as well. Please contact (713) 973-9595 extension